When it is your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. For instance, a bespoke wedding dress would be the perfect gown for such a special occasion that would be tailor made from scratch and just for you. Every woman wants her wedding gown to be unique and made only for her; though designer gowns are also designed as single piece designs, bespoke wedding gowns will ensure that the curves of the dress fit the lady it is being tailored for; also a woman can get her desired design incorporated in her wedding gown that is tailor made for her.

Wedding Dress

The way to start would be to find a designer or a premier tailor who specializes in wedding gown tailoring. As this is a niche segment, there are few individuals who specialize in such a service in a city or region. You might want to check up their details through online portals and check their previous works as well. That will help you find one or more designers or tailors who have expertise in creating bespoke gowns as you would like.

Once you have spoken to a designer or a tailor to order a bespoke wedding gown, you need to seek an appointment. At the appointed hour you can begin by providing a sketch or image of a wedding gown that you would like to order or that which will act as an inspiration for your wedding dress design. In case you do not have a certain dress design in mind, you could ask for the designer to come up with a design based on certain inputs you provide. He or she will want to get an idea of the kind of dress you want to wear; general silhouette you prefer as well as provide inputs based on their expertise in the shape or design of a wedding gown that would suit your body structure.

Once the design is finalized upon, the time comes from the material to be decided upon. This would also depend on the time of year when you would be having your wedding, the colors or prints you want and the general look you want to wear. The designer or tailor will provide you with a number of choices of fabrics as well as embellishments you want.

Usually, an initial fitment session is scheduled with the tailor or designer before the final dress is made ready. That is the time when the fitment is fine tuned and if the client wants any changes, these can be done subsequently. In case more changes are required, there might be more sessions scheduled before the final dress is ready. Hence, it is important that you have time in hand when you wish to order a bespoke wedding gown.