If you are marketing your professional photography services to pregnant women you need to plan your advertising in the right places. It would be best to advertise in locations where you can expect to find expectant parents easily. It is a no brainer to advertise in fertility clinics or in the maternity wards of hospitals or nursing homes where such people are more likely to pick up such information. It is also not a bad idea to advertise in newspapers or in journals and other publications which are dedicated to motherhood, have articles on maternity issues, parenting topics and so forth.

If you plan to reach the right segment of pregnant women such as in a city, it would be best to tie up with gynecology clinics or centers that offer obstetrics facilities. There are hospitals that have such departments or in diagnostic facilities where ultrasounds are done. Doctors can be approached in order to hand out marketing materials like flyers with information about such services. Brochures for such services could be placed in waiting areas in such clinics or facilities.

One way to create an impact is to have a website where your pregnancy photos can be showcased. If you have covered a number of clients for their maternity shoots, you could seek their permission and post some memorable shots on your website to showcase your work. This helps potential clients get a glimpse of the kind of work you do, the way the photographs come across and so forth. Often a couple would choose a professional photographer whom they are comfortable with. Hence, portraying a relaxed environment or having a suitable studio location would also be good for marketing your services. In most cases, couples like to have the photographer coming over to their home premise. It is important that you make the couple feel at ease, especially the expectant mother. This will come across in the images which will showcase the real emotions of the parents and the expectant mother with her unborn child.

Usually, couples like to have images taken during different stages of pregnancy as well as to take pictures of the newborn. Hence, when you engage with a couple, you would be asked to come in and take shots in consecutive months as well. Couples like to develop a personal rapport with the photographer so that they feel at ease while the images are being shot. This also makes it easier to get photos shot with the newborn after the birth.