Glamor photography is usually associated with photography of models, either for photo shoots done in glamor magazines or for fashion shows. While this comprises the major part of the work of a glamor photographer, there are certain abilities and traits that such a professional need to have to be able to work well in this arena of professional photography.

  •         Focusing on models

In glamor, photography models need to be photographed in ways that highlight their natural features. This includes an understanding of the right angles and focusing techniques as well as the use of lighting effects to bring out the best and flattering aspects of models. Not only are professional models the subject of glamor photograph, but also portraits that are taken for students during graduation, that of brides and grooms on wedding days as well as celebrity shots. It also includes the soft-core images that are taken for men’s magazines.

  •         Artistic flair

Photographers who work on glamor photography as a profession learn to focus on artistic aspects; the focus is on the human form and how to stylize a woman or a subject to highlight their best features. Photographers who are experienced in this field are able to draw out the most in their models, whether male or female; they use techniques like composition, lighting, poses and other aspects to draw out the best of a particular mood, look or natural beauty of the model. There is much focus on the sensual aspects as well, but that is not all that glamor photography is all about. Usually, glamor photography is done in black and white, but also in color along with varieties of settings, changes in fashion, makeup and diverse lighting conditions. The model is made to feel comfortable so that the photographer can capture the best aspects of his or her looks; often nude or semi nude photos are shot as well and the photographer composes the setting of such shots in agreement with the model. In certain cases, the model might drape themselves with accessories or scarves which are later edited with different techniques to either blur or enhance certain parts of the model’s body.

Glamor photography includes certain techniques as well as know-how of professional editing software for one to be successful in their job of creating flattering images of models.